Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Paintings - 3 New!


OK So I posted about this painting in my last post and l have done some major work on it since then, and I'm torn.  It probably was done before but then I kept going and then it changed.  I don't like it less, but I do like it equal and am sad that I don't have both iterations since they're very similar.  Oh well there's certain things I'm super proud of with this one.  Mainly how it feels like 3-4 seperate paintings colliding into on another and yet it still works some how.

I like overly poetic names like that.

Anyway this painting is 4ft x 4ft and the biggest piece I've taken on since getting back into painting.  I do love it uncontrollably.  It hangs up in my house currently.  I think it's about how creation leads to death maybe?  but it also might be about inspiration striking and not knowing how to compile everything into a coherent concept.  It might also be about technology taking over.  It's hard to say.

This one took substancially less time than others but that's okay.  When it's done it's done.

In this one I see a lot of Hudson River School infuence.  I see a horse drawn wagon and a train in the distance and I see it as if we're looking through a broken cabin window or over a fence or something.  Anyway this one has an old west feeling to me.  A painting both provoking the feeling of dread which simultaneously inspiring adventure in spite of that dread..