Monday, December 10, 2018

Painting - Untitled 4


The camera kind of made the edges a bit too bright on this painting.  But why take a better photo right?!

Originally this painting was called Pussy and was about masculinity and what it means to be a man.  But honestly that intention eventually didn't stick.  Then for a while it was about the feeling of being trapped in a city and yearning for the country.  I see all those shapes as being buildings that are basically like a wall keeping me from the spot of blue in the distance which would be a lake or an ocean barely noticeable on the horizon through the concrete jungle.

But I ditched both of those concepts ultimately and have to admit I have no idea what this one is about but I still like it all the same.  All I knew when I started what I wanted to make a painting that was mainly pink and I accomplished that goal.

It's tough too.  Pink is not easy to work with because it's so associative.  Just ask Aerosmith!

I'm working on another painting right now that originally had a ton of pink in it as well as a ton of light blue and it looked like a gender reveal party.  Luckily it didn't start a giant multimillion dollar fire.

Yeah that happened.

Anyway like Jim Carrey, the greatest artist of all time, says... we don't need to know what our paintings mean.  Eventually they'll reveal that to us.  Anyway I like it all the same and I hope you do too!

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