Monday, May 14, 2018

Painting - Night Swimming

OK So I've finished a new painting.  Well technically I'm going to be doing touch-ups on it tonight, so there's a little more to do, but I'd say it's 99% done.

I call it night swimming for two reasons.  The quicker simpler reason is because to me it feels like that little white splotch is standing at the end of the H dock at Fatima looking out over Upper Suncook.

But the other more pertinent reason is that it represents to me a recurring nightmare I've had since I was 6 years old of trying to cross a large body of water filled with alligators that ultimately swallow me up as I try to cross it.  Either by slipping on a stone or mistaking one for a tree log, or whatever.  It doesn't matter how.  They always get me in the end.

Once I decided that this would be the subject matter I decided to use a color pallet that was very inspired by the Italian horror movie style known as Giallo, most popularly represented by the director Dario Argento's work.

Anyway I think I'm prouder of this painting than any I've done before this one, which is why I'm posting it now before it's even technically done.  Hope you all like it.