Welcome.  My name is Ian Mark Stewart and I am a highly experienced and motivated professional animator with over 8 years of diverse experience under my belt.

I've worked at numerous well respected studios including Bento Box, Soup 2 Nuts and Radical Axis.  I have designed, storyboarded and animated on shows like IFC's "Out There", Hulu's "The Awesomes", Adult Swim's "Squidbillies" and PBS's Emmy Award winning "Wordgirl."  I also directed PBS's Emmy Award nominated interactive web series "Chuck Vanderchuck" for two years, during which I lead a team of talented artists in the creation of props, backgrounds and animation for the show.

In my free time, I create unique animations.  Recently I completed the animated short "Herman Blue: The Pumpkin Comic," in which I carved over 250 jack-o-lanterns and filmed them with Dragonframe to create the illusion of a talking pumpkin.  This film has in two months already been accepted into three festivals as well as an international ASIFA showcase.  This isn't my first go at the festival circuit however.  My award winning short animation "Crazy Eyes Dolphin vs The Mad Cows" has appeared in over a dozen festivals both cross country and internationally, including The Nantucket Film Festival and The Rooftop Film Festival.  Additionally it has been shown on IFC and The Sundance Channel.  In my free time I create a web short called "The Ollie and Warbrict Show," which I put on YouTube for fun.  I also created, wrote and directed a short television pitch with one of the studios I worked at, to be shown to networks in the hopes of becoming a series.

I started my artistic pursuits at the Joe Kubert School of Art, where I even took some classes from Joe Kubert himself.  In 2005, I received a BFA in Animation from The Rhode Island School of Design.  I am well versed in Harmony, Toon Boom, Dragonframe, Photoshop, After Effects and even hand drawn animation.  I have been blessed with great creativity, individuality, organizational skills, impeccable speed, tenacity and an inability to accept poor quality work.  I have an unerring love of animation and will continue to excitedly bring that love to my work for years to come.