Monday, January 14, 2019

Painting - Eventual Graffiti

OK so here's my latest... I think.

I felt last night that it was finished.  I mean, my paintings are never really "finished," but it felt like everything was purposeful and had a flow and I liked what it was saying to me.  It feels properly unfinished.

So yeah for now this one's done, but it's hard with larger pieces (this one it 4 ft by 4 ft).  Something may hit me in a day or two and I'll add to it and the thing will change entirely... but probably not.

I'm considering showing this one at my upcoming show.  We'll see.

Also I want to note that this image originally looked like this:


That's from a number of months back when it was originally called Fertility Goddess and was about some fairly complicated internal emotions about women and processing these things.  But it just wasn't coming out right.  I still like the colors though.  I really want to make a large piece with a stripped down pallet next... although that's always my goal and I always fail!

Anyway now it's more about this script I'm writing and my determination to see the project through to the end on my own, because I haven't been able to do these things yet with anyone else's help.  Not a complaint.  Everyone's looking out for themselves.  That's just a reality.

It's always interesting to see how similar the final composition is to the original one, and what moments, movements and imagery maintain throughout when considering how I work.  This painting is certainly transformative, but I can still see a ton of artifacts that have survived this canvases near 8 month journey.

Anyway I hope people like it, because I think it's done.


I just finished this post then found this one too from before it even became called "fertility Godess when I just wanted to make a purely Gold, ink, Earthtone, White and Black painting.  That was the initial intention and if you look at the finished product you can see why I always say I can only paint what's in my heart and not my hands.  These things never come out as intended and the day they do I'll probably hang up my brush.