Monday, February 24, 2014

FOR FUN: Super Crazy Dragon Attack Fun

So I was organizing my external hard drive just now and what did I come across... this random flash file of an animation I made years ago while working at Radical Axis.  Whenever I didn't have work, or was exporting things or just generally procrastinating, I would work on this file in which I animated a dragon going on a rampage.  I had some rules.  Everything was done with brushes, and it was only to be animated straight forward.  No key frames.  Just straight forward animation.  It came out pretty good.  Check it out:

I think I may have to add more on to it, because it's pretty baller.  I remember doing one at Soup 2 Nuts also in which 2 super heroes were fighting endlessly.  It'd be great to get my hands on that one again but alas I don't think it will happen.  Oh well.  Such is life.


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