Monday, February 1, 2016

Painting - Black Tree

New Painting Time!

I call it "The Black Tree"

I tried to create a Time Lapse sequence of the creation of this one but I bungled it.  Too bad too.  I really took a step forward on this one.  There's a technique I've been working on with the past few paintings I've made and it all came together on this one and rather than having isolated moments in the painting which utilize it, I was basically able to do this painting that entire way.  It's hard to see here but I'm really jazzed about the texture of the painting, and how it feels like clay peeling away or something to reveal a picture underneath.  Here's some attempts at a close up to show what I mean.

Whatever, hope you enjoy it because I'm currently pretty up on this painting.  I was planning on doing some more clean up work to the parts under the bright blue, because it's pretty muddy, but I was nervous I'd ruin it and I think the muddiness actually works to it's advantage in this painting.  idk... maybe I'm just justifying my cowardice as an artist.

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