Tuesday, September 22, 2015

None of my heroes speak (formerly Memory Quilt) - Edit #3

I've put together what I believe to be the third and final edit of the footage I'm rotoscoping in the new film I'm working on.  I've changed the title from "Memory Quilt" to "Non of my Heroes Speak."  Not entirely sure if I'm gonna stick with that name... heck I'm not even sure what that name means, but I'm going with it for now and I like it way more than the on-the-nose "Memory Quilt."  I might as well call it "Animated quilt of home movie footage" as long as I'm going with that one.

Anyway I'm pushing way more of the anxiety I feel every day to live up to the person I saw myself becoming by this age when I was a child.  Watching this movie through gives me near panic attacks since it feels so true to how I see the world.  Hope you like it.  Here's what I believe to be the edit:

What's next?  I'm gonna work on the first shot and try to perfect it and my process.  I've been spending the past two weeks downloading and organizing every jpeg of fabric I could find in folders with RGB's.

Pretty intense right?

So anyway I think the process of coloring should go more quickly, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I get to the photoshopping phase since I haven't even tried out yet.  In it I'm going to try to make it look more like a real life quilt since the first pass looked really flat and computer generated.  We shall see.  Hopefully I'll have the first shot done within the next two weeks.

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