Friday, November 8, 2013

HERMAN BLUE: One Last Reminder!

Hey everyone one final reminder that "Herman Blue: The Pumpkin Comic" will be appearing simultaneously in two different cities at two different festivals tomorrow.  So if you'd to see it in a crowd then go check it out in LA 6 o'clock at the R.I.P. Horror Festival or here in ATL at the Buried Alive Film Festival, 7 o'clock at the Plaza theater.

I'm not gonna link my film on this page because I want you all to go see it.  I'll be at the Atlanta screening and any of my friends who show up will get a very meaningful hug from me whenever they need it in the future.  Just call me up, and where ever I am, I will drop everything and find you and hug you.  Deal?

Now since I'm not adding a link to my film, here's a link to something else:

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