Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hey everyone in Atlanta, Herman Blue will be part of the ASIFA-Atlanta Best Animated Shorts of 2013 this coming Saturday Dec. 7th at 3:15pm, and even though I am in Boston I'd really appreciate anyone out there showing up and giving support (mainly I'm just interested in what the crowd reaction will be like).  So yeah go check out the next showing and give your support to ASIFA Atlanta because they've been really cool to me... plus I guess you'll get to see some other peoples stuff or whatever.

Other than that I'm just plugging along on some freelance and trying to make as much progress on my next project as possible.  I'm overhauling the goblins and making them more distinctive from the devils right now adding loin cloths and stink lines (well maybe not stink lines).  And I finished the first draft of the script.  If anyone wants to see it... tough dooky.  I'm gonna try to storyboard it soon and see how it plays out then make a new pass at the script, adding or subtracting what I need.  Not sure it's the best process but it's what works for me.  I guess I like repetitive motions which is why I masturbate so much.

Okay too much information.  Here's a funny picture to distract you from what I just wrote.

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